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Revive Groups are what separate Refuge Church from a lot of other churches. In these groups, you will find Biblical principles to help you work through some of the emotional wounds you've experienced in the past. These groups vary in topic and intensity. 

Contact: Estella Flores @ 210-601-1885 for more info
Wednesdays  6:30pm-8:00pm
@ the Refuge Church of San Antonio
8101 Eagle Crest Blvd, Windcrest, TX 78239
Come Face Life's Tough Issues And Find Freedom!
HeART Change Art Support Group

This will be a class that helps you face and deal with life's hurts and pains through "art". You will explore several different ways of seeing and working through what you either have gone through or what you are going through while being creative. - $30 a person

A Praying Life (Overcoming Life's Hurts And Pains By Praying And Trusting In God)

We talk about praying and how it can help us walk through life, this class will help you search and understand the true impact of what really doing it and being consistent at it will do to transform your daily life - $10 a person

Listening And Hearing The Voice Of God
Feb 2023 - QR Code.png

Can we really hear Gods voice? How? When? This class will explore how listening to and hearing God's voice can and will help you face and deal with what life has thrown at you or what it will. You will be doing a deep dive into scripture to see just how God responds to us, when He does and why.   - $10 a person

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